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My OCs!
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Whew! This took awhile to color :D And by that, I probably mean two months, and the two months spent on it? Probably only a hour each month :'D

But anyway, I realized I didn't have very good references for some OCs (or none at all.) and I Felt like drawing them :3 SO, let me begin my OC introductions!

Alice (Aoiki)-Part of Eiri Yuki s Lover's rp, Welcome To Wonderland! Haha, I love Alice! (And his dress o4o) I hate to admit it, but I was really obsessed with Maid Sama (still am actually) and he is REALLY based off of Aoi *sobs* I know, I'm not creative at all...

Sky-*cries* Yup, this is what Sky was going to look like for the second part of my used to be rp, Community Fusion. But sadly we never got that far, but I still wanted to draw her (since I don't think I actually drew her with her new outfit.

Trinity Haru-She was for this DeviantArt rp, thing that I tried really hard to get into, got into it, and never did anything :'D Such a waste.. But still *huggles* I love Trini! She was apart of Voleros Saga.

Poochy-YES! One of my first OCs on theOtaku ^.^ And yup, I was just that awesome lame that I named her after me (or well.. What most people call me on here I mean.) Anyway, she is Poochy the Poochyena that was part of Pokemon Gijinka Revolution at one point in time ^-^ *sighhh* I still remember rping there~ It was a fun first rp while it lasted.

Ray-*spaz and laugh* I finally drew her :'D Gosh, she's been a OC of mine forever! And belongs to Amestar's rp Alagaesia: The New Age. I really wanted to do the sword better, but I couldn't ;-;

Liu-She was my OC for Zoey's rp Rabbit Doubt~ I miss this rp ;a; And I'm slowly forgetting the awesomness that I was going to do with Lulu.. *sobs* Sorry Liu!

Thalia-Gosh, another old OC! XD The rp isn't even up anymore! (and yet I still had her profile saved on my computer..) And may I just say? I loved how I colored her hair ^o^ I was so happy with how it came out! :'D Doubt I can ever do it again though... (You know what I mean, right? One of those things that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to recreate it?) Anyway, she was my OC Arrancar.

Hedgehog (Enji)-And my last OC ^.^ *is shot a billion times* I know, I can't draw males ;-; *sobs* Also, I realized once I was done coloring him, his outfit is almost the same as King Kazuma from Summer Wars XDD Anywho, he is also from Eiri's rp Welcome To Wonderland~

And I know I got sorta lazy on the shading, sorry ;-;

I hope you like it!

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