CelestialSushi (Fan Art Portfolio) Sketch Request #9 - OC Kaji

Sketch Request #9 - OC Kaji
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Hello again, everyone!

I apologize for the delay… I should have started working on this sooner (after all, now I have only one more sketch to go!) So here we have MangaKid’s OC Kaji, and the theme was (obviously) “Sports/gym”. Knowing that Jen is a hockey fan, I decided to go straight for the “sports” part of the theme. And, as her favorite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins, I figured that Kaji should be dressed thusly.

Jen, I apologize for any errors made in the execution of this drawing/Kaji’s pose… I’m not really familiar with hockey, so if he’s holding the stick wrong or in a pose that should not exist lest the player sprain his ankle (my foreshortening needs some practice, methinks), please forgive me!

Oh, yes… and the reason I picked 21 as his number? Well, first of all, the website for the Penguins said there wasn’t any 21 right now, so I thought, “perfect!” You said you like Eyeshield 21, and it’s a sports series :D

References for this pencil sketch/image were here, here and a few photographs from the Pittsburgh Penguin’s official website. Note that any resemblance of that pose to any actual photograph on the website is completely coincidental (c'mon, I only looked at a handful of photos).

Well, with all that said, enjoy! Last--but certainly not least--is Aria Sky’s request. Look forward to it! :D

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