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I'm Zen, The Zebstrika!
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Finally I got done with Zen! though i ended up getting lazy in the end...
Anyways meet Zen,he's my newest gijinka! XD I really ended up loving the design of the Zebstrika and it's also an eletric pokemon, I wanted to really gijinkafy it! XD
I've had his design in mind for months, but I never got to drawing him, and now here's a proper drawing of him!

here are some of his basic stats? I know I don't have to but I want to, ans I borrowed the set up form PGR so I hope they don't mind! btw I'm not really planning on putting Zen in PGR....


Pokemon: Zebstrika

National #: 532

Title: Thunderbolt Pokemon

Nature: Adventurous (this may not be a pokemon nature? =_=')

Held Items:

Ability: Lighting Rod

Attacks: Quick Attack, Charge, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave, Flame Charge, Discharge,thrash, etc...

Weak Against: ground


I would explain his personality but I'm still working on it, all I can say is he's like a rocker? XD
I really like his design, so I might end up doodling him more? XD

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