anisukidayo (Fan Art Portfolio) Straw Hat Pirate Omelette Rice

Straw Hat Pirate Omelette Rice
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This was posted in multiple places including dA, but due to being abroad at the moment and still having a large eagerness to post some type of art on here, I decided to post this omurice (omelette rice) I made a little while ago.

Straw Hat Pirate Omurice made by me, anisukidayo. o/

I was really hungry one afternoon and had a huge craving for omurice and wanted to make it something more special than the usual dish, so this came about. I'm not sure if this actually counts as 'fanart', but it's definitely an art of some sort... made by a fan. :'D

I tried writing “One Piece”, but… uh… I miscalculated the space needed so you can’t really see it too well. OTL|||

On the other hand, although I messed up on the egg by accidentally punching holes in it and such, I think the end result turned out quite satisfactory! This took me a little more than an hour to finish.

Unlike some other typical omelette rice dishes, because I'm not super fond of the taste of ketchup, I made spicy garlic fried rice. The red for the hat as well as the words that sloppily spell out "One Piece" was written with red Sriracha sauce that tend to be sold at the super market. I also put a layer of cut up, dried seaweed right on top of the fried rice, then put the thin layer of egg on top. I cut the shape of the skull out of white cheese then used the same dried seaweed for the mouth. The eyes and nose were simply holes cut into the cheese.

One Piece (c) Oda Eiichiro

One Piece Fan Art
anisukidayo, cooking, food, lunch, Omelette Rice, omurice, One Piece, Pirate, Straw Hat, Straw Hat Pirate
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