anisukidayo (Fan Art Portfolio) Valentine's Choco 2011: Spain

Valentine's Choco 2011: Spain
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I'm in Japan for another 2 more days, so I don't have a scanner or tablet with me... Please bare with me a bit longer for me to actually post real fanart rather than just food pictures. :'D

This is copy pasta'd a bit from my Naoto chocolate submission, but let me give you all a bit of background on this chocolate. I like making random anime/manga/game related things out of food as if people couldn't tell already and chocolate drawings like this were probably my first official attempt at making any food that represents my love for different anime, manga, games, etc. Since the day I learned how to make these, I've been making a few different chocolates every year for the past few years to give to my closest of friends during Valentine's Day.

This particular one is Spain or Antonio Carriedo from Hetalia. This was one I presented to a friend last year during Valentine's day. This picture is based off of the official art, so all I own is the chocolate itself. :)

Valentine's Choco 2012:

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
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