Nino Umaka (Fan Art Portfolio) Sonic Halloween 2012: Line Art

Sonic Halloween 2012: Line Art
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Oh gosh, after three days on and off, between homework, work, school, studying...I finally finished the lineart!!! So help me I'm going to get this done before Halloween! I was going to add more characters...but I decided that it's okay the way it is. I don't know if I'd be able to add more and still finish on time. (Good thing I have absolutely NOTHING going on on Saturday, and Friday my exam is in the morning and work is at night, so I've got a couple pretty long spans of time I can spend on coloring this.)

You may color this, but please let me know, keep my sig on there, and give me proper credit when you're done! I'd also love a link to your finished version if you post it! If you need to know what certain things are don't be afraid to ask!


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