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Jack Almire a Little Nervous and A Story
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Name: Jack Almire

Title/Job: Knight of the Falgar Kingdom in the Abarata Desert.

Likes: Sarah?, Weapons, his sword, his family,

Dislikes: Laziness, demons, most sweet things, other people,

Personality/traits: Smart, honest, uptight, unintentionally rude, shy( about 75% of the time), inhumanely strong

Height: 6'1" to 6'3" or 6 to 7 heads tall

Age: 18

Birth date: 1482 ADW

This is Jack Almire, my OC, who is actually one of my first. He was my original main character after Sarah was. So he was my 2nd choice in main characters before Luke became the main character.

Jack was out on a mission one day with Smith, his cousin, and they noticed that there was some strange phenomenon going on in the sky. Jack told Smith to stay behind and keep an eye out from the distance, while he went to go see what it was. As Jack got closer, he seen something, no wait someone falling. He decided to rush over as fast as he could and he caught the person. It was a girl with long blonde hair and beautiful green eyes which were full with tears. The girl grabbed on to him, sobbing before she passed out from all the distilled fear from falling. Sarah, Sarah was her name.

Jack: Since I caught her, she has been following me around, aiding me in my missions. She is annoying. She keeps trying to tempt me with her teasing but I will have none of it. I have all ready promised to not get attached to anything or anyone else.... Her eyes. Those vibrant green eyes. They are beautiful but I shouldn't tell her, it would only make her become attached to me. I told her she was annoying and she started to get upset, which in turn made me upset. Am I already attached? It seems that she tries harder every time I refuse any of her advances on me... She tempts me with her teasing and it still honestly makes me nervous just like when she did it before... Sarah told me that she is worried about me. She says that she has to comfort me in my sleep because I whimper and moan. Are my nightmares showing through?... The Council came by and said that they needed Sarah. I was hesitant at letting them take her but she said she would be fine. Sarah always trusts everyone but I didn't. I gave her my David's Star necklace piece and she smiled and handed me a charm with a moon on it before they took her... My nightmares seem to be worse than before. Did her comforting really calm me?

"Sarah?" It felt like I was in a dream. "Sarah?" I seemed to be looking for Sarah. " Oh no, Sarah." I found Sarah. She was on the ground, and seemed weak, like she was attacked by something. I got down and laid Sarah in my lap, supporting her head. "Are you okay Sarah?" She didn't respond. I asked again. She opened her eyes. Her eyes, they were faded, like she had no life left in them. She smiled and said,"Hey, you came to see me off." I didn't understand what she meant, but I had this jerking painful feeling that told me it was bad. Her eyes started to fade even more, I gripped her and held her close. "Bye Jack," Sarah said with a hug and a smile. Sarah went limp, I laid her back down in my lap. Then tears started to fall on her face. I-I was crying, that painful feeling in my chest was now felt through out my body. The environment changed into the scene from my childhood from when demons destroyed my home town. Screams were everywhere, everything on fire, and I seen it play at like before. Watching my five year old self stand there and watch in horror as I could do nothing to save anyone, all my friends dying, my father fighting for everyone's life, while I just sat there. I looked down in my lap again. Sarah was still there, lifeless. Leaning back in, going to give her what I wanted to do when she was still around, but it ended. I woke up in a sweat and tears. I-I have to get Sarah back. I feel that if I leave her alone, that nightmare could come true.

The Council, they are a big power who has there hands in the governments and religions around the world. I have found out that they maybe an organization that is trying to rob the world of its freedom and that they were turning people into merciless killers. I was at a pub and overheard two men from the Council was talking. They were obviously drunk.

"Did yeah hear? They gots a new girl in the chambers *hic*," said one of the men. "Yeah *hic*. She is a real beauty. I like that blonde hair of hers,"said the other. "Nah, those *hic* green eyes are what do it for me *hic*," said the man who started the conversation.

Green eyes and blonde hair, that was enough for me to check more out. I followed the men until they split up. I went after the one who was talking about her eyes.

"Where is she," I said as I put the man in a head lock.

"Wha-What are you talking about," said the man as he struggled to get free.

"The blonde girl you were just talking about in the pub," I asked as I tightened my grip.

"Okay, Okay. She-She is in the Council's west wing basement," said the man.

"Thanks," I said as I squeezed until he passed out.

I gathered a few helpers to raid the place. I have Smith, my cousin and Magnus Pocus, a witch who was in hiding since she and her family were hunted by fellow knights. Magnus was able to effortlessly knock out the guards with her magic. Smith and I kept an eye out for any other guards while we moved forward. I told Magnus to stay behind us from now on as we got deeper. We reached the bottom and the place seemed empty. We ventured in a little further until we were ambushed. All three of us were immediately attacked without given an option to leave. This means we were about see something they didn't want us to see. We returned the strike and fought back. Smith protected Magnus while she cast her spells. I moved forward, fighting everyone that came at me. *Slice*. Someone got me. Right over my right eye but I didn't stop, I kept going, until we cleared the area. The place grew silent and I continued to look around while Smith and Magnus was catching their breath. I found chambers, chambers that were usually for slaves. I looked through the slots in the door. One after the other, they were empty. Then I came to the last one. There she sat, in the middle of the chamber with some kind of soft light lighting her up. I busted the chamber open. I got closer and realized that her hair was cut short. When she turned to look at me, she had a distant and faded look to her. Here eyes were just like in my dream. I was too late, they had already gotten to her.

"J-Jack," Sarah said in a hoarse voice.

She got up and put her hand over my still bleeding face. Sarah then removed her hand and my face didn't hurt anymore and I could see out of my eye again. She apologized then her eyes, instead of fading more, they reverted back to their original glow, before she passed out, falling into my chest. I held her, thinking that she be brought back. Even if it takes a while...

That was actually a story that I have been working on for a while with Jack and Sarah. Some things are not covered in the story above, like how Sarah is afraid of heights and some other incidents they ran into along the way but this is more about how Jack realizes that Sarah needs him, denying that he actually needs Sarah.

The drawing above is actually Jack when he is nervous or flustered. He usually looks away from Sarah and grabs his belt when he is. The gear you see him wearing is the gear he usually fights with. Although he is a knight, he prefers to not to wear the bulky armor and doesn't carry a shield. Instead, he has specially designed arm guards that can take the same beating as a sword, along with his inhumane strength to hold someone back with them.

Jack just can't admit his love for Sarah. He almost did in his dream when she was dying in his arms. It takes him to the point of dying to realize that he wants to live. Live with Sarah. He actually kind of admits it once but still denies Sarah any advances on her and still denies the fact that he kissed her passionately after she saved his life. Jack just has some conflicting and negative thoughts that still makes him think that Sarah would be better off without him.

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