Sukikisu (Fan Art Portfolio) Attacked by the wolf

Attacked by the wolf
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How about my Little Red Riding Hood reference in the title huh, pretty good, huh, I know it's awesome

Alrighty *rubs hands together* I have a bit to say about this one, and I suppose I'll begin with it's alternate title: "Foreshortening sucks, hands are hard to draw, what are straight lines, scythe mechanics what are those??? and never draw outfits from memory again"

Otherwise, I want to talk about what I like, first of all!
I'm really happy with how well this pose worked out for me, and that for once it actually fit into a more interesting background, where most of them just look badly superimposed and it's a huge shame. I mean, the pose is really good I'm so proud of myself.
Despite having been drawn from memory, I'm pretty okay with how the outfit actually looks, and my only real complaint is that one boot, since I drew it too high up her leg and ended up with it not quite matching its partner (as well as with too many, too-skinny laces)

And last but definitely not least because it's the most important part: The wounds were too much fun. I know that sounds horrible and I can explain! I really wanted to take Kiki, put into an action-y state such as this, and show that when you fight monsters, you're probably going to get hurt. Nothing of this 'cute little red marks when hit' nonsense I used to see in anime, but actual bleeding and open wounds, swelling and bruising. I didn't want anything life-threatening, but besides getting my realism-kick from it, it was my first attempt/practice with wounds and bleeding and I think I did really good!

There is an alternate version to this image, actually, although Kiki ended up a little less determined to fight back and a little more beaten down but I don't see the point in posting it unless someone wants to get some kind of sadistic pleasure out of it


Now to address these issues:

That scythe looks so awkward now, but it's because there was an attempt to bring it into the foreground and show it more from the top of it, rather than straight on the side. Rather, it just looks strange and improperly elongated, and I am sorry.
On that note about scythes, I have no idea how to wield one or how it functions, so the placement of one or both of Kiki's hands is likely wrong (and I kind of feel as if her lower hand should be tucked behind the handle?) and the hands. Are hard. To draw. So I had given up pardon their awkwardness.

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