Sakura Tachibana (Fan Art Portfolio) Sakura + Digimon= A sensational team! :) (WIP?)

Sakura + Digimon= A sensational team! :) (WIP?)
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I think I came across Sakura when I was just a Bouncerspringmon, ( my Baby 1 form) I remember 8 years ago I must have stumbled across a sort of rift between v 2 worlds and could hear voices coming from Earth. They sounded something like this:
Ivy: Let's play Digimon! Who are your Digimon?
Angel: Petunia! [ T-T ]
Sakura: Bouncerspring!
[Ivy and Angel are not their real names. Of course, v same goes 4 Sakura.]

Then 2 years l8r I heard thoughts that sounded like Sakura's, only a pinch older, about how she liked gadgets and virtual pets. Even though v rift seemed quite unstable, I couldn't get through 2 give her a Digivice. It would b nice 4 her 2 get a partner.
But now is now, and v Royal Knights have closed v rift. But as they shut my special childhood place, I heard thoughts about how cool it would b 2 b a magical girl, and how cute dogs were and about how they could b given tummytickle. And that's when I remembered.
The voice was Sakura's.

-Sakura Tachibana-
It was a day after I had come back from Fuerteventura. I went on TheO 2 do some catching up and found this interesting Digimon challenge. Then I heard a voice.
"Welcome Sakura Tachibana, Digidestined... We need your help..."
I woke up 2 some white-furry-headed pink dragon thing poking me. It was holding out some kind of gadget.
"Hello! I'm FluffyDracomon! Let's be partners!"

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