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Hello all!

Been quite a while, I know... I've been spending a lot of time over on deviantART lately (as my alterego ItsumoCelestialSushi XD). I think it's mostly because I'm really into Sam & Max right now, and there are more fans for that over there (I'm even part of a group for that series). Still, considering that I really like this work, I decided to submit this here, too.

Before this piece, I had illustrated part of an in-progress fanfiction I'm reading; not only had I been wanting to draw something for a particularly touching part of the fic, but it also counted toward the 100 Drawing Challenge I'm doing (with a Sam & Max theme for all the pictures). The only thing was that the image itself is kind of bloody and moody (and, to be honest, I'd never drawn anyone covered in blood before, so it took a bit to get it to at least look a bit decent). Given that, I decided that the next piece I'd draw would be happy and cheerful, hence this.

So Max is taking a selfie, while Sam is staring from around the area behind his desk. That background kind of bugged me; not only was there a lot of detail, but it was also at an angle.

Tools used were mechanical pencil, Faber Castell fine line markers, and Photoshop Elements 10, with Microsoft Office Picture Manager to resize the line art.

With all that said, enjoy!

P.S. If I should upload my other Sam & Max fanart here on theOtaku, maybe see if we can get a category for it, please let me know. I'd be happy to post it here if anyone's interested (well, with exception of the bloody one, but there's no gore... I can post a link if anyone wants to see if it'd be appropriate for here or not.)

P.P.S. Yes, it's got my deviantart signature and watermarks on it, but if it doesn't bother you, then it doesn't bother me ^_^

Sam & Max Fan Art
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