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Aliases: Cy, Cyno Daku

AGE: 20

ABILITIES: Can Control Ice, Can create and summon creatures.

WEAPON: Neo Daggers

TITAN: Shadow Hydra

RIVALS: Shirudo the Hedgehog, Sandra(Friendly rival)

LIKES: Titans, Being with those who he cares about, Training, Seeing, Shirudo get smacked down.

DISLIKES: Humans (Formerly), Being Blind, Eclipse the Sugarglider

Cyno was given up by his mother at birth and grew up in an orphanage. He was a pretty tough kid but also found trouble all the time. Even when he didn't mean too. When he was 11 he made friends with a Sugar Glider named Eclipse, to which the two ended up getting into a lot of trouble. one day, Cyno overheard that the orphanage, where the two lived was loosing money and would be torn down. Decided to do something right for a change, he and Eclipse tried to raise some money to save their home. Unfortunately, that plan didn't work and they lost their home. After a while, Cyno and Eclipse began a life of crime as thieves. When Cyno was 13, he stole an ancient artifact from the museum, that looked like an eye of some sort of reptile. When he and Eclipse touched it it caused a flash of light radiate from it causing them to gain an element. While Eclipse received the ability to generate poison, Cyno received the element of Ice. Right after their elements were received, they were cornered by police. The two ran off until they got to an ice cave where Cyno said that they had to stay hidden until it was safe.

Two years passed and the two became encased in ice where a professor named Hayami Tsyoshi found them and thawed them out. He also decided to bring the two into his home giving them a place to stay. Apparently, Cyno's morality kicked in and he pleaded with Dr. Tsyoshi if he and his friend could make a honest dollar by working for him in anyway possible. Dr. Tsyoshi made a deal with Cyno telling him that if he watched his two kids during his work hours, the two could stay as long as they'd like. Cyno agreed. For a moment everything was looking up and Cyno's life was turning around. Up until. Eclipse went for the worse. She killed Dr. Tsyoshi and his kids and prepared to go for Cyno next. Using her ability to summon and create creatures (Which she and Cyno gained when they touched the Eye), she wounded Cyno in the chest, which poisoned him causing his sight to disappear. He should've died but luckily he didn't. Feeling betrayed and hurt, the blind hedgehog worked on trying to develop his sense to make up for what he lacked. When he was 18, He ended up being captured by the Shadow Queen, Lucia. He was forced to create creatures for her army and met Shirudo, white hedgehog who was brainwashed into being one of her soldiers. Cyno was eventually struck down, when she thought she no longer needed him.

Once again avoiding death, Cyno managed to escape and free himself from the torment. His trust in human beings was at his lowest due to the incident and he began to wander the world. He eventually was persuaded into a group called the 13 Rivals. The leader of the 13 Rivals wanted to eliminate another group called Random Rivals thus causing him to set off and find them.


Ice (Cyrokinesis)

Cyno is a bit secluded often keeping his thoughts to himself. He has to be reminded from time to time to trust his friends and stop giving them the "cold shoulder". Despite being serious, he has a sense of humor and likes seeing his rival, Shirudo get smacked down. He is also a bit of a masochist which seems to freak his friends and teammates out a little.

Sonic Fan Art
Cyno, Daku, Hedgehog, Ice, Random Rivals
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