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During the war between centaurs and fawns, there were two sorcerers that disguised themselves as humans and hid their magical abilities. Unbeknownst to them that each one belonged to the enemy clans they met in a nearby pub and became acquainted until eventually they began to fall in love. Upon realizing the others true identity the day the female sorceress became pregnant, it was already too late. They both knew they were too far gone to be able to fight against each other in the war. They made plans, and eventually escaped together into the far mountains where very few people inhabited to keep themselves safe and to protect the life of their unborn son, who if was ever discovered would surely be destroyed along with them.
Years later their son has grown into a fine young man if albeit a bit on the quiet side. He is loner because of him being considered an abomination among society he has not been able to make any real friends. He keeps his emotions inside because he knows that if his parents knew how lonely he was he knew it would worry them and make them feel bad. He has the ability to be able to turn fully human, partially human, full centaur, or full fawn, at will. Being the child of two very powerful sorcerers also gives him certain abilities as well, but inside resides in him a great power that not even he himself or his parents know about. A great power that could easily surpass the abilities of his mother and father.

Will he ever discover his true potential? And if so how will he use it? For good? or for his own selfish gain?

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braxton, centaur, fawn, mage, magic, sorcerer
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