Kitty K.O. (Fan Art Portfolio) Drawlloween 2015 - Day 6: Pumpkin

Drawlloween 2015 - Day 6: Pumpkin
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Not sure if this one is against the rules...


Day 6 Pumpkin theme.

Lore behind this little guy: His name is Jack O'Latner. Born with a pumpkin head. No one knows why. Started out as a kind child but was bullied for being inhuman. People would often try to smash his head for fun, thinking it was just a mask. Has a fear of crows because they would try to eat him. Even though having pieces of his head removed hurts him, he always manages to grow the damaged parts back.

He managed to hold onto some of his kindness, but it was reserved only for his mother, who treated him no different than any other child. However, the last of his sanity snapped when his mother was raped and killed. Losing his grip on reality, he took the closest weapon he could find to hunt his mother's killer: a metal bat. Now he hunts down rapists, murderers, and general scum, smashing their heads in with his bat.

His sanity tends to slip further the more he kills. He's almost starting to forget who the bad guys are... But one thing is for sure... He's starting to enjoy his hunt.


Wanted to add a speech bubble, but ended up working a little later than intended.

Jack: "Whoo! This one was my favorite~ His head snapped clean off his shoulders! Normally they just explode or they get a big bloody stain. This guy's impressive~! I'll hang onto this one... <3"

Heee~ It would be great if this could be the start of another creepypasta character~

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