toyotami kun (Fan Art Portfolio) Kiss you good night.

Kiss you good night.
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I have finally got this thing done! It’s been in my WIP folder for a while now but I’ve been a bit to embarrassed to finish. (and lazy) oTL It’s not even that bad either, but it’s just embarrassing….

Anyways been in the mood to draw shoujo junk, so here it is, Roscoe and Ling. Staying true to his nature, Roscoe steals a kiss from Ling when she was not paying attention, which will probably end in him getting slapped by an embarrassed Ling. XD

Originally this was going to just be a doodle, but in the end I really wanted to color something and take my mind off something really stupid that I’m still pissed about.

I’m so tempted to make a little short comic follow up, I’ll see if I’m up to it, but maybe during my Thanksgiving break.

Done on Sai mostly and PS.

Since these are adopted characters:

Original designer for Ling:Rumcandy and for Roscoe: meicker

***Also Keba and I are hosting the Fanart S.S Event 2015 this year, if you are interested make sure you sign up here:LINK!!!
Deadline is Nov 28th!

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adopted character, Ling, Roscoe, toyotami
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