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My entry for the challenge "Anything Goes (Free Draw)"

This is a OC that I created for an amazing new Role-playing game that my friends invented, (and it's so much better than Dungeons & Dragons!) XD

His name it's Damian, he's an elf who loves the ladies (But it seems that he doesn't have much luck with them). He has a bat companion who usually sleep in his cloak during the day named Zamboni and a Roc as a transport animal (whose name I totally forgot D: )
He's an evocator and with the power of medallions he can evoke different creatures. But for now he can only evoke sphinxes. He has just begun a long journey in the company of a human and a demon (which by the way are very pretty girls <(ԾᴗԾ)> nudge nudge)

Yes. An elf, who travel on a roc with a bat on his cloak and can evoke sphinxes. BEST. CHARACTER. EVER. ᕙ(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿) ᕗ

Well anyway back to the serious business, I made this draw this morning before to go to school, and with all the drawing, colouring, use water to makes the pencils become watercolors, detailing and shading with pencils and inking it took me 2 hours and 56 minutes to finish it. (I clocked myself) yeah I'm slow XD

As always Stay Groovy ;-)

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bat, Damian, elf, evocator, Groovy Boar, OC, roc, Zamboni
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