Rainbow Dragon (Fan Art Portfolio) Mars Phoenix Inferno

Mars Phoenix Inferno
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Pose Reference

Mars Fire Soul Bird
+ Mars Flame Sniper = Mars Phoenix Inferno

Materials Used: 8 1/2 x 11inch paper, #2 pencil, black ink pen (for outlining), Crayola colored pencils

Time spent: 5 hours or so (broken up)

Scanned with Scanner | Touched up in Photoshop

This is my entry for the "Sailor Moon Mania" fan art challenge. I decided to draw Eternal Sailor Mars performing a super powerful awesome attack. This was an extremely hard pose to draw mostly due to the proportions. So I apologize if they are a bit off. I did do my best.

I started drawing this pose in pencil, then when I was satisfied with how it looked I outlined it with ink pen, then proceeded to color it with Crayola colored pencils. The most challenging parts was coloring the bird outline and trying to make it stand out enough. I did my best to make it look as fiery as I could because that's what I love about Sailor Mars is her many dynamic and awesome fire attacks.

Attack is kind of a combo between Mars Flare Sniper and Mars Fire Soul bird.
I call it Mars Phoenix Inferno. The bow and arrow evolves into a phoenix when she evolves into her eternal form or I'd like to think it does anyway.

I drew Sailor Mars because she is a character that has always meant a lot to me. TO be honest she was one of my favorite Sailor Senshi back in the day. I felt like I could always relate to her the most. And lately she's been my favorite character in Sailor Moon Crystal. She is just a determined and amazing character that isn't afraid to let Usagi know when she's made the wrong decision. It seemed only fitting to draw her in her Eternal Form which I think is just beautiful.

In regards to the background, I attempted to shade it kind of a purple-ish color but my colored pencil died on me. So I apologize for that. I tried my best.

Well I hope everybody enjoys my art of Eternal Sailor Mars.

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