SmallxLady (Fan Art Portfolio) Spell bound summon: Illumina

Spell bound summon: Illumina
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What is this you ask? This simple gelatinous, glowing, possibly lemon flavored creature? It started out as an idea a few days ago. One I've been kicking around for a bit but had no idea what to do with. I only had a name and basic idea but it wasn't til I had a horrific nightmare that it blossomed into a wonderful creature! The spell is as the title suggests. "Illumina" meaning creature of light.

As described above its a gelatinous glowing creature born of mana. Think of their bodies and glowing nature as similar to jellyfish. Only instead of effortlessly gliding through water, it can float around beside you as you walk.

Not the main draw to these guys though, if you pull a piece of the "jelly" off its body it will spawn another Illumina. If you have five, you can make something called "the holy halo of illumination". The summoned one being the largest it's in the center of the circle floating above your head in a sitting praying stance with its eyes closed. It then channels the mana of the surrounding area to form a glowing halo cord to bind the other smaller four Illumina in the four cardinal directions. The smaller ones have their backs turned to the larger one in the middle and act as motion sensors in the darkness around you. If they see something you do not, the will make squeaking sounds to inform you danger is near.

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