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Fairy Charm: Cube X-21 -PriSm EdiTioN-
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Alternative Name: (ようセいみりょく) 妖精魅力: (さんじょう) 三乘x(エックス)-二十一 -角柱版-, Yousei Miryoku: Sanjyou x(ekkusu) -Nijuuichi -Kakuchū-ban- (Japanese), Fée Charme: Cubique X-Vingt-et-un (French)
Meaning: "Cube X minus 21"
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Shoujo, Suspense, and Romance
Rating: Pending
Author(s): A.J.D. a.k.a. Dragon Anime
Date of Release: 04/30/12
Status: ongoing
Manga's Direction: RIGHT to LEFT


There is a legend about fairies and that everyone has one of their own. This legend was written by a famous author named Hana Honda. The book is called the "Fairy Tale: Fairy Charm".

She wrote the story about 20 years ago and then vanished! Or did she? Nobody knows for sure nor what happened to Miss Hana. That story entails that she was spirited away! This mystery was left unsolved. Until now! A boy named Sky Lure reads this story to kindergarteners at the library.

In which case, curiosity over comes him and leads Sky towards this unsolved mystery and perhaps with a small, new greeting, too. Welcome to the tale of Fairy Charm: Cube X-21.


The cover is finally finished. Cute-o (Kawaii-ou), the mascot squishy angel has been moved to the next page; to the inside cover page, and he has a surprise friend with him. sneak peek - next page>>

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