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Moments In Life
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Okay! so, i finally got around to beginning the whole comic posting process. yay me!

this is basically going to be centred on the two people you see on this cover page (that took me FOREVER to finish -_-...) and the random moments in their life that i choose to share.

the girl is Sakura. she's an OC that's based off of my own personality (heh thus the name). her hairstyle will change a bunch in the comic because i based it off what my own hair looked like when i drew it. to avoid mishaps, i always put an arrow saying who's who at the character's first appearance.

the guy is Sakae. he's an OC who's pretty much based off of this random character i see often in dreams but i added a couple of things from one of best friends. these two are also best friends as you'll see if you read the comic.

WARNING: for those of yo who hate lined paper, BACK OFF NOW!!! Most of this was drawn at school so i used lined paper. deal with it.

please comment and tell me how i'm doing or give me a request for a certain scenario by messaging me. don't request in the comments, it ruins the surprise! heh heh heh.

thanks for reading! hope you enjoy!!!

- Kitty

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