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NAME: Bu-Ling Huang

AGE: 10 (13 by end)

RACE: Mutant

HEIGHT: 5'0 (5'3 at end)

D.O.B: August 7th

PERSONALITY: An overall bubbly and cheerful girl who is almost never seen without a smile, she's always taking care of the others almost like an older sister all the while maintaining a youthful attitude. This awkward blend of big sister, little sister makes her the most unusual of the group. She is usually distrustful of strangers, but latched onto Ichigo immediately and still looks up to her as a role model. At times her cheerful attitude can appear almost hysterical in that she looks as though she is about to have a psychotic breakdown in the middle of a fight. She has to be watched carefully from time to time because of this.

APPEARANCE: Starting off babyish and pudgy like most young children, she soon begins to build up muscle through her frequent fights and also with her training with Ichigo and starts to appear somewhat genderless as a result. She keeps her hair in a short bob and it is a rich blonde. She has golden eyes and tanned skin. She tends to let a rat tail grow at the back of her head regardless of the rest of her hair.

SKILLS: She is monstrously fast and has amazing acrobatic skills that are useful in most environments but makes it challenging to fight in open spaces or away from land. She has the same level of healing, strength, and endurance as everyone else. It is due to extra training that she is as fast as she is.

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