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The past of Kurapika - Kuruta tribe -
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Sorry, need to delete and re-upload, due to size of pages messes up and unable to fix.

This manga is read like a traditional Japan comic, from right top to left bottom.

Obviously, it's about the past of Kurapika, what happened to him and his tribe in the past.This is a shounen style manga. First half works as a characters introduction and abit of a comedy, everything changes on page 48.
No pairing, yaoi or anything of that sort involved. Standard shounen manga violence and killing are involved.

You DO NOT have to had read HxH to understand this doujinshi. This is a complete stand alone story. You don't have to be a fan and you don't even have to have any knowledge of HxH once so ever to understand this story(Most of the main characters are my original characters anyway). It doesn't help you one bit to go read HxH before reading this doujinshi. It's TOTALLY UNNECESSARY to do so. You can treat it as a whole new serie if you've never read HxH.

In fact , it will be more interesting if you've never read HxH, as you do not know what's going to happen to Kurapika. I think the people who would get the most fun out of it would be people who haven't read HxH. I written the doujinshi up in a way that while the fans are going to enjoy it, the non-fans can enjoy a new story as well.
Just ignore the fact that it's a "fan comic" if you've never heard of HxH.


You can stop reading the rest of the message if you :

A: Already read HxH. or...
B: Never read HxH, but understand and take it to heart that there's absolutly no need for you to read HxH beforehand.

Read the rest of the message if you think I am stupid, don't know wtf I am talking about and there's no point in listening to me although I am the one who wrote the doujinshi and you still firmly believe that you must have the knowledge of HxH purely because this is a "fan comic".

Every single person who hasn't read HxH could understand the story perfectly. Even my friend who's a slow thinker and doesn't read manga often did not get confused AT ALL. The only person who got confused while reading is the only person who ignored my words and firmly believed that he has to have knownledge of HxH. For some reason he thought he's smart enough to figure out what HxH characters I picked to use by reading a 100 pages stand alone doujinshi when he has absolutely no knowledge of HxH at all(and I even told him most of the characters are my original characters to begin with) and that he focused on this impossible task instead of reading what's already provided for him in the doujinshi.(why did he have to ignore or not trust the words of the creator of the doujinshi and attempt to do something that's impossible instead I do not know).

I've never thought I have to type such a long explaination on how you do not need to read HxH and go as far as showing my displease when people ignore my words on something I created especially when they know absolutely nothing, but apparently, for some people it's just not enough by simply telling them :"Please read as a new series. It's a stand alone story and most are my original characters eventhough this is a doujinshi."

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