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The Ninja Academy
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Hi Everyone,

This is going to be a new tutorial that I am working on I will updating this in chapter very soon but I wanted to let you know this idea came from so many people asking me how to do certain things. I know there are artists that are better than me but I don't mind helping others out and I do hope this is beneficial to many artists who just want to learn better tecniques. I also know it looks like a Naruto comic but it will include many different animes once it gets started because there are differences in drawing other animes.

My plan isn't to teach people how to draw, though I will start off with a good way to learn how to draw for beginners and than I will work my way up to different things such as coloring, flodes in clothes, facial expressions, and so on.

Again please enjoy and comments and hugs are always appreciated. Your feedback is very much wanted because what you tell me I can answer in "The Ninja Academy" learning session. So please ask me anything and I will help you improve right away. Enjoy!

~Iruka Sensei

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