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Gifts cronaandsoul: Happy V-Day or singles awareness day! cronaandsoul: are you alive? Hifsa: Welcome to the senior class! ^__^ : Happy Birthday hatakeotaku69: Happy birthday JP!!! krisoyka: Happy Birthday! Hope it's fabulous! Larxy The Strange: Happy Birthday! tethysal: happy birthday teapartyprincess: happy birthday white rabbit!!!! Hifsa: Happy Easter!^^ Hifsa: Happy Valentine's day! <3 Set-chan: happy xmas n new yr and hope ur well! Hifsa: Thnx 4 everything & Happy New Year! :) : MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ^^ SenjutsuMaster986: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ^^ cronaandsoul: Happy X-mas and Happy New Year :3 GrellOtaku99: THXfor the gift,merry X-mas+happy new Y. madalinehatter: Thanks for the gift Johnny!! KagamineRin4eva: Thanks! Merry Christmas to you to! LoveMeRen: Happy Holidays : MARRY CHRISTMAS &NEW YEAR!!!! : thank you:3 you too!!!! enkichan: merry christmas you too SuitLea: Hi SuitLea: i like your fan art SuitLea: i like your fan art Set-chan: happy halloween to you too! Amestar: Happy Halloween!  (late ;) ) mangaandanimelove: Happy Halloween! cronaandsoul: Happy Halloween 2 :3 SuitLea: happy halloween Hifsa: Happy Halloween!! hatakeotaku69: Happy Halloween!!! ForeverRose98: happy halloween madalinehatter: Thank You!!! : HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALSO!!! XD GrellOtaku99: happy halloween : Happy halloween too ^^ cronaandsoul: for being my frist friend XxGirxX: A Gift becuz there nice SuitLea: Hi yamcha03: Need that Potassium. :) Set-chan: Thank you also! <3 Aashi: Pocky for u :) Aashi: thnx! here have a pocky :) Aashi: thnz JP! here, have a pocky ^^ hatakeotaku69: Got me there, heres lamen for you NamiSu: Thank you so much! :) LoveMeRen: ty for being an awesome friend too!!!!! : HAPPEH BIRTHDAY AGAIN!! :3 Kumori5: Happy B-daY!!! Hope you enjoy it!! enkichan: happy b-day ^^ have a good day
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