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03/12/21 Well I see this place still exist Elioenai
01/09/18 Hey Everyone :) Elioenai
10/14/17 Hey all Elioenai
06/15/17 Hey Guys Elioenai
03/21/17 Who ever said life was Fair? Elioenai
02/27/17 Not dead yet Elioenai
01/29/17 It's been awhile, hasn't it? Elioenai
12/01/16 Been awhile, or so it seems Elioenai
10/23/16 Falling trees Elioenai
10/22/16 On fire Elioenai
10/19/16 Anime Elioenai
10/01/16 Sorry everyone Elioenai
09/08/16 What? Elioenai
09/03/16 A quick short post Elioenai
08/26/16 Life Update Elioenai
06/27/16 Faulty Scanner Elioenai
06/21/16 Good day everyone Elioenai
04/27/16 Cheers for now Elioenai
04/22/16 Not my luck Elioenai
04/19/16 No Internet Elioenai
04/12/16 400th Drawing Elioenai
04/07/16 Things you should never say to an Aries Elioenai
04/05/16 Some facts Elioenai
04/04/16 Adding old art Elioenai
04/01/16 A midnight update Elioenai
01/21/16 Hey Guys Elioenai
12/14/15 I'm back^^ and I swam with a shark Elioenai
12/05/15 To all my wonderfull friends on theO.. Elioenai
11/28/15 Port Elizabeth Elioenai
11/08/15 Hey there guys.. Elioenai
11/03/15 Hey Guys Elioenai
10/26/15 Fingers crossed for tomorrow Elioenai
10/21/15 Gotten worse Elioenai
10/18/15 Update in my situation Elioenai
10/13/15 Still Positive^^ Elioenai
10/11/15 Might not be on much Elioenai
10/09/15 Back to square one Elioenai
11/20/15 Up coming Dedications (Updated) Elioenai
10/02/15 Always look for new ones Fantasy Island
10/01/15 Aproaching 9 years as an Otaku Elioenai
09/15/15 10 Facts Elioenai
08/12/15 10 Facts Elioenai
08/07/15 Japan Meme.. Elioenai
08/02/15 I wonder :/ Elioenai
07/11/15 Never thought I'd take one again..(Bored) Fantasy Island
07/07/15 Take a closer look Optical illusions
07/01/15 G-Day everyone^^ Elioenai
05/03/15 Sorry Guys for my absence Elioenai
01/30/15 A heat wave Elioenai
01/11/15 Nationallity Elioenai
01/08/15 Rainbow Elioenai
12/29/14 Tornado Elioenai
12/04/14 Hey Guys..I'm not dead yet Elioenai
08/31/14 It's been awhile Elioenai
05/29/14 G-Day Wonderful people of theO Elioenai
03/04/14 Yeah I'm not dead.......Yet Elioenai
12/20/13 Merry Christmas my dear friends Elioenai
11/23/13 567 Art challenge Drawing challenges
11/23/13 What is going on? Elioenai
11/21/13 My doggy turned 40 Elioenai
11/21/13 Its getting better Elioenai
11/12/13 I decided Elioenai
11/08/13 Hey Guys..I am still alive! Elioenai
08/31/13 I'm back^^ Well kinda Elioenai
08/16/13 Bye for now :( Elioenai
08/14/13 Some news. Elioenai
08/09/13 Update.. Elioenai
08/03/13 Artist Profile: LGA775 Artist Cubby
08/02/13 I Need more motivation Elioenai
08/02/13 Just my luck.. Elioenai
08/01/13 Well things seems to get better for me.. Elioenai
07/31/13 I've been wanting to ask Elioenai
07/28/13 My mood Elioenai
07/27/13 I found one!!! Elioenai
07/25/13 Quiz time Fantasy Island
07/25/13 Another one.. Fantasy Island
07/19/13 Tomorrow is gonna be a busy one..."For o.. Elioenai
07/18/13 A meme!!! Well now what do you know.. Elioenai
07/11/13 Long time no post Bday Drawings and Ded
07/08/13 Maybe this will make me feel better it usuall.. Elioenai
07/08/13 Family problems Elioenai
07/08/13 Someone peed in my bed last night Elioenai
07/05/13 Moka's post Elioenai
07/04/13 Happy Independence day guys^^ Elioenai
06/28/13 Yes I'm bored Elioenai
06/24/13 Yay!!! Some time on my hands^^ Elioenai
06/23/13 For Nerds like me Elioenai
06/23/13 Been tagged again..LOL Elioenai
06/16/13 Tagged..Well a few times now Elioenai
06/01/13 A meme!!!!! lol Elioenai
05/24/13 I'm back^^ Elioenai
05/13/13 Just popped in to say Hi^^ Elioenai
05/02/13 Going away for a while Elioenai
04/30/13 200 Question Quiz Elioenai
04/25/13 Old post..(Moved) Free Gift Event
04/25/13 Almost finished Elioenai
04/24/13 Ahhhh I can I keep him? Elioenai
04/22/13 Meme Time Elioenai
04/21/13 I'm actually gonna miss my home twon Elioenai
04/19/13 Day off^^ Elioenai
04/19/13 Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes^^ Elioenai
04/18/13 You guys rocks^^ Elioenai
04/16/13 This Kinda bothers me Elioenai
04/15/13 It's terrible Elioenai
04/06/13 Stolen from Vanilla Cupcake Elioenai
03/17/13 I'm worrying about my cousin Elioenai
03/14/13 Ugh!! Please not now!! Elioenai
03/11/13 Kinda early But....................... Elioenai
03/09/13 It's strange Elioenai
03/06/13 500 Subscribers!! Elioenai
02/28/13 I hate my job Elioenai
02/25/13 Confused? Fantasy Island
02/24/13 Thank you all so much Elioenai
02/12/13 Free Gifts (I thought why not) Elioenai

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