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Date Title World
10/06/18 Life's tough, man My Life
08/12/18 New tumblr My Life
07/08/18 Help out a struggling artist! My Life
06/09/18 About Me (Updated) My Life
06/03/17 Check this out! Original Characters
11/10/16 Emergency contact Info My Life
04/06/16 laptop broke again. UPDATE My Life
12/13/15 I will be back soon! My Life
08/29/14 Big news everyone +added a pic My Life
08/17/14 N is... Zoroark? Video Games and Anime
07/11/14 It was a calling Video Games and Anime
05/29/14 Suggestions? :D Video Games and Anime
05/25/14 Sorry! >.< My Life
02/13/14 Thank you and take a look! My Life
01/07/14 Thoughts on my 2nd vector? My Life
12/08/13 Phew! I DID IT xDDD thoughts? My Life
11/25/13 Since I wanna keep busy... Ask me! :) My Life
11/18/13 An Update...and, does it hurt?! And Free! My Life
10/27/13 Photo practice once again My Life
09/27/13 I had a great birthday! My Life
12/08/13 Currently Watching... Video Games and Anime
08/27/13 Anime List Update (still open!) Video Games and Anime
07/31/13 Can anyone help? My Life
07/10/13 What do ya'll think? lol My Life
07/09/13 Omg omg omg. Video Games and Anime
07/12/13 Requests are ....? Requests!
06/11/13 Stock! :D 6-10-13 My Life
06/03/13 Stock!! :D My Life
05/17/13 The Legend of Zelda = the stages of grief? Video Games and Anime
05/15/13 More of my photo stock for you guys! My Life
05/11/13 Four New Pokemon? Video Games and Anime
05/09/13 News for Pokemon X and Y (Evo *fake* pics!) Video Games and Anime
04/25/13 My PC start over = Success! My Life

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