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    Recently a great evil has risen, threatening our world. To counter it the government is creating a special team to fight for justice. When you hear the newsÖ what is your response?

    I can handle that! Where do I sign up?
    Oh dear, evil you say? That canít be right. Why would anyone be evil? ^^;
    Whatever, I can handle anything. Who needs some team?
    Itís best that we do something now, before things get out of hand.
    UmÖ can I answer after I eat lunch? Iím hungry.
    I can help out.
    Evil you say? Isnít it possible that theyíre just misunderstood?

    For some reason, youíve decided to apply for the job. When you get there a friendly receptionist starts asking you questions, starting withÖ Whatís your favorite color?

    Ugh! Youíve got to be kidding me! What kind of stupid question is that?
    Favorite color? Dude, I though we were suppose to be preparing to fight evil. I doubt they care what my favorite color is!
    What has that got to do with anything?
    ButÖ I like all of them! How can I choose just one?
    Right, thatís going to really do the trick, all I have to do is tell the bad guy what my favorite color is and theyíll surrender! *rolls eyes*
    What was the question again? [pay attention!]
    Lets get something straight, I am not answering this. There is no way in hell you are going to make stupid costumes based on what color I like.
    Iíd rather go and get some lunch.
    Lady, you need to quit taking stupid anime quizzes. Honestly, the ďwhatís your favorite colorĒ question is so NOT appropriate.

    Okay, now that the dreaded color question is done, itís time for scenarios. Starting withÖ what would you do if you had to choose between catching a bad guy or saving an innocent civilian?

    Like thatís even a choice. Iíd save the innocent person of course.
    Well now that depends, if the bad guy gets away, will even more people die?
    Nice people come first.
    I can do both, seriously, just you wait and see.
    WellÖ I know the bad guy needs to be caught, but itís important to protect lives, right?
    Bad guy needs to go down! WaitÖ Save the innocent person! WaitÖ Gah! I canít decide!

    Congratulations! You saved the innocent civilian, unfortunately the bad guy got away. How do you react to this news?

    Well itís only natural I suppose, saving the innocent person comes first.
    Maybe they would like me to take them home now? The innocent person that is.
    It was a hard choice, but it is oneís job to protect the innocent no matter what.
    Oh well, Iíll do both next time.
    Feh! Thatís what happens when your teammates get in the way. I could have done both if they hadnít been so pathetic!
    Innocent lives will always come first.

    Itís been a long day, the bad guy got away and everyone is feeling cranky. What do you do?

    I take the time to talk to my teammates of course. To reassure them that we are going to win this battle.
    Take a shower, watch something on TV and then call it a night. I need my rest after all.
    UmmmÖ make tea for everyone?
    I donít knowÖ I could try to be cheerful? We did save the innocent civilian after all.
    - Do stuff to help prepare me for the next time we run into the bad guy. He wonít get away next time!
    Nothing, itĎs not like you can change what happened.

    The next morning you wake up only to learn that during the night, everyone else was kidnapped!

    What? How did this happen? What kind of idiot is dumb enough to get snatched in the middle of the night?
    OhÖ UhÖ Now what? I mean, I donít know what to do on my own! (>_<)
    Can I eat breakfast first? Itís kind of hard to do save your friends when youíre hungry.
    Figures, guess this means Iíll have to take care of things.
    Iíll save them. Evil doesnít stand a chance!
    They can depend on me to save them.

    It took you a while, but you found the hideout where your teammates are being held. What do you do?

    Pft! I save them of course, what else?
    I donít know! Iím not even sure how I managed to find the bad guys hideout! (>_<)
    This is what I trained for, I can do it.
    Nothing can stop me! I will save my friends!
    Did you really think I wouldnít find where youíre hiding the others? Pathetic!
    I feed the guards something so theyíll fall asleep and my friends can escape!
    I do what must be done. They will be saved, no matter what.
    Itís my responsibility to make sure everyone is okay. Without their help, I canít put a stop to the injustice going on in this world.
    UhÖ perhaps I should call the police?
    Time to save them it seems.

    Your plan was daring and youíve saved your friends, go you! What do you tell your teammates?

    Next time, donít be so stupid. Seriously, what kind of idiot gets captured in the middle of the night?
    Well youíre okay, so I guess we can forget that this ever happened. Just be careful from now on okay?
    Yay! Iím so glad I found all of you? Oh and I brought you some breakfast too!
    If only I had been a little braver, you would have never been kidnapped!
    Good thing I was here to save you!

    Congratulations! Based on your answers to the scenariosÖ Youíve been selected to be a member of the team! What are you going to do now?

    Yay! Iím going to Disneyland! o_O
    Well thatís cool, I guess I should tell my parents.
    Uh nothing? Well other than to start some training so Iíll be ready to take down the bad guys.
    Iím hungry! Lets go out to dinner to celebrate!
    Do something? Get serious, itís a job. Not something to get worked up over. Jeez!
    Iím going to go and meet the others right now!
    Iím going to make sure I wasnít saddled with idiots.
    I should see if the others need any help.
    Well, Iím not sure why they picked me, but Iíll do my best! (^_^)
    How many times do I have to tell you Iím hungry? Lets eat!

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