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    What is your favorite class at school?

    I hate school!
    I love volleyball.
    I really like math.
    Drawing classes are the best! (^_^)
    Home economics is fun.
    Painting is very relaxing.
    Ancient writing is so facinating!
    Sewing is definitely the best class.
    I don't care so long as my friend is taking the class too!
    Gym class is my favorite.

    So what is your favorite food?

    Green tea. Yes I know it's not a food. Hush.
    Anything but milk.
    I like salads.
    Definitely pudding and ice cream!
    I love pasta.
    Vegetarian pizza is my favorite.
    Meatloaf and cherry pie.
    Sandwiches since you can take them with you.
    I love cake and peanut butter and jelly!

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    I want to be a doctor.
    I want to be a beautiful bride.
    I'm going to be a model.
    I want to start my own restaurant.
    I'm going to be a princess.
    I want to be a singer.
    I'll be a professional racer.
    I don't care so long as I have friends.
    I plan on being a famous artist.
    I think designing clothing would be a lot of fun.

    What is your weakness?

    Uh... do I have to answer that?
    I get upset easily.
    I'm not strong enough.
    I'm too old for this.
    No one knows who I am. I hate that.

    What do you dislike?

    Pop quizzes. They're so evil.
    I hate thunderstorms! Scary!
    Practical jokes.
    Not sure. *shrug*
    Cheaters and bullies!
    Would be heroines.
    Well, television is kind of boring.
    Any class except for physical education!
    Being different.

    What are you good at?

    I'm good at sewing and designing clothes.
    I love history and I'm good at treating injuries.
    Racing and playing the piano is what I'm good at.
    Playing the violin and painting.
    Getting what I want! And being a lady!
    Fire reading and supporting worthy causes of course!
    Ice skating and cooking naturally.
    Reading and doing math are what I'm best at.
    Lets see, being a friend and shopping?
    Volleyball and being beautiful.

    How do you approach a battle?

    To win of course!
    Intently! I have to protect the weak!
    I sigh and then save the fools from the trouble they got into.
    I have no choice so I fight.
    With passion and determination!
    I do what must be done.
    I'd run if I could.
    I dazzle them with my beauty and then catch them off guard!
    I make careful decisions on how to fight.
    I don't know. I hate fighting.

    When you win a fight, what do you do?

    Sigh with relief. It's over!
    Fix my hair.
    Nothing, I won, that's all that matters.
    I make sure no one is hurt.
    Yay! I won!
    I keep in mind what happened for the next time.
    I make sure those thugs are handed over to the law.
    I check the fire to spot approaching danger.
    Nothing really, what's the fuss?
    I go back to my duties.

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