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    Your producer comes to you and says that the band is going on a world tour! Your response?

    I planned this, my band is ready!
    Let's melt some faces!!! B)
    Alright! I'm going to work super hard!
    Let's inspire the world~

    Wardrobe fitting for your first tour concert! What do you want to wear?

    I want to be a space cadet! 8D
    Elegant. European flair.
    Something slimming. I want to show off my thin figure. ^-^
    Pfft! Who cares!? Let's rock!

    The concert is amazing! Uh oh, here comes your solo piece. How are you going to act?

    Let my talent do the talking. With my mad skills and stunning looks, what more could I possibly do to win this crowd?
    Lots of emotion. I want to bring this crowd to their knees!

    Whoa! The performance was incredible! How is the after party?

    (((can't hear you, passed out already!)))
    Making sure my band members don't get too out of control! We have practice first thing in the morning! >:I
    Talk to some people, sign some autographs... these fans are completely nuts!
    Beer pong anyone? ;D

    Hmmm, the next morning. Hangover?

    No, but the exhaustion is overpowering. Get me my coffe, nao. >:I
    Not really, still have energy from the concert.

    While on the tour bus you begin to think about the future. Any plans?

    I just see an amazing good time with my band.
    I bet I'd make an epic actor! 8D
    Pfft! Forget the future! I live in the now!
    Mmm... retirement... =v=
    Nah, I'll stick with music... although that skirt I saw that girl wearing last night was very unique... perhaps marketable...

    You decide that it's time to listen to some music. Who will you listen to?

    X Japan
    Artist's Society.
    Malice Mizer.

    Have fun on the rest of your tour!


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