FujinKeima What Tales Of Vesperia Character Are You?

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    Ok, let's start that quizz!...Your favorite color?


    Your weapon of choice?

    A Sword. It's pretty easy to use.
    An Axe, it's manly!
    Some scrolls...
    A spear. With my skills, it can become quite lethal!
    A whip... I'll teach them a good lesson!
    An arrow. Long range means less injuries, right?
    A hammer! What's more intimidating?
    A rod is cool too.
    Crush them with magic!

    Some powerful foe breaks your weapon. How do you fight?

    Well, I could kick my enemy to death.
    That little dagger in my pocket can hurt you,you know.
    I still have my fists.
    I use my shield to protect myself!
    My books are heavy enough to crush you!
    My super special king-size bag!
    As I said, crush them with magic!

    What are you in society?

    A Knight.
    A ''Downtown boy''.
    A noble, I guess.
    The Star member of the Hunting Blades!
    A ressearcher. A genius one.
    A Dragon rider who hunts Blastia.
    A double agent.

    There's a problem with the Blastia. How do you react?

    I repair it myself.
    I try to get some help from friends.
    Nobody would ever ask for my help.
    I destroy the Blastia. There, no more problems!
    *Sigh* Gotta help, I guess.

    Right after solving that problem, a crazy guy comes and tries to kill you. Your reaction?

    Fight the guy and beat him up.
    Try to make yourself invisible. You don't want any trouble.
    One problem after another. I'm cursed.
    Try to talk to that savage!
    Enforce the law to the fool!
    Hey, it's you again! :3

    For you, saving the world is....

    A pain in the neck. Seriously.
    Something we MUST do!
    Pretty fun. We fight a lot.
    Interesting. I get ressearch material.
    Is a good way to change for the better.
    Just one more problem to solve. I'm good at solving problems!

    Finally, how would people describe you?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)
    A badass.
    A coward.
    A nerd
    A gentleman.
    As someone who doesn't want trouble.

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