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    Brave and loyal adventurer, your quest lies ahead of you. But every hero has to start somewhere: which class most appeals to you?

    Berserker - embrace the rage, wreak horror upon the battlefield!
    Mage - what is a world of fantasy without magic?
    Warrior - you point, I punch!
    Rogue - a master of lockpicks and sneaking
    Assassin - anyone's life can be boiled down to some silver...

    A great battle strikes in our village and a towering beast appears! How do you choose to fight?

    My heavy axe is no match for that beast, I'll charge on and strike as many times as it takes!
    I'll follow my leader and fight alongside him. Loyalty and precaution before showing off, I always say.
    Hehe... I'll just sneak behind it and stab it quickly. Nobody will ever see me coming...
    Either use the Freeze spell or shapeshift into a spider. Easy.

    War is afoot, but battles can wait once the sun goes down. Come, my friend, let's share both ale and stories at the local tavern. What would you prefer to do?

    I suppose a drink can't hurt, as long as I'm surrounded by my friends.
    Drinking is a waste of time. Only fools choose to spend their energy on ale when battles are to be fought!
    I'm not really a drinker. I'll just sit here and observe everyone else.
    I think I'll find a nice room and call it a night, I need to replenish my energy for tomorrow.
    Ah, but night is young, is it not my friend? I'll be by the the tables there, talking to those gorgeous elves!
    What a wonderful opportunity to share tales and sing songs! May I be your bard for this evening?
    Ale? Now you're speaking my language, mate! Gimme a drink and keep 'em coming!

    Tackling a tough battle requires team work. Tell me, how do you get along with your companions?

    It's not that easy to get along with so many different personalities. I try my best, just don't get on my bad side.
    I'm here to serve and I'm loyal. I get along just great with everyone!
    I act like myself. It doesn't really matter how we get along, I'm a valuable member and they wouldn't kick me off the party anyway.
    I may have my secrets, but the leader has faith in me. The others... not so much.

    There's finally time for a little relaxation at the campside. How do you spend this precious time?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)
    Trying to get to know my companions.
    Flirting with the leader. What? That never hurt anyone!
    Reading by myself, I've been meaning to decipher that book for ages!
    Practicing. It's always good to stay sharp in case a battle strikes unexpectedly.
    Catching on some sleep... ZzzZzz...
    Keeping things tidy around camp. By Andraste's Sword, why is everyone so messy?
    Crouched by the campfire, quietly listening to everyone's stories.

    Living in a dark world full of evil forces can get pretty lonely. How do you feel about marriage?

    I'm a lonely wolf, to be honest. I can't say I dislike it though, I feel free.
    I suppose I'd like to get married, one day...
    Bah, don't get me started... you'd be better off banging your head against a hard rock.
    I'm afraid I'm not too interested in such things. Too troublesome.

    Which of these traits you'd say characterize you best?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)

    Every adventurer has his quest, but we mustn't forget about those which are weaker than us. A heartbroken mother stops you in your tracks and begs for your help. How do you react?

    Must I solve *every* problem I encounter?! I have my own quest to take care of.
    I have to help her, it's my duty as a protector of the land.
    Yes, yes, I'll help her... but uh... there's a reward involved too, right?
    I don't know, I'll have to think about this first...

    Your sacred quest is nearing its end! What do you plan to do once the battle is over?

    Go back into the forest, what else?
    What everyone does after a victory - drink!
    I can't WAIT to go see my friends again! I think I'll practically *run* back home!
    I think I'll stay a little bit longer here, until I feel like I've sorted everything out. There's always something left to tackle.
    I'll go home and help my kin rebuild what was once my home...

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