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    First thing's first. When an attractive member of the opposite sex walks by you in the park, you...

    Draw them a pretty picture, professing my love!
    Show off my guns. And perhaps my sword.
    Blind them with bishounen sparkles.
    Just watch.
    Laugh very loudly to get their attention.
    Do nothing. I already have a girlfriend.

    How do you generally treat others?

    I can be kind of bossy sometimes, but I'm a good leader!
    I have a bad habit of yelling at people and then ignoring what they say.
    I ignore most people.
    I just kind of...hang around people. There's not alot of interaction.
    Sometimes I tell them things, but I like to keep my thoughts to myself.
    I get angry when people insult my true love.

    How do others treat you?

    Most of the time they listen, but sometimes they don't take me seriously.
    People see me as their savior!
    People are stunned into silence when I go by.
    People sometimes talk at me, but once again...not a lot of interaction.
    People always need my help for things. I'm an invaluable resource and they know it.
    People sometimes give me incredulous looks, but I'm used to it.

    Uh-oh, it's another crisis! How do you act?

    I take charge and illustrate the situation so everyone knows what to do!
    I take care of it myself! Relax, I got this one.
    I know I can handle it. Unless I get cut. I can't stand bleeding.
    I generally remain impassive and do what others ask of me.
    I already knew this was going to happen, and am adequately prepared.
    I rush into action on my shining steed!

    How good are you at picking up social cues?

    I admit, there's some flaws I know I have.
    What? Hahaha, those don't apply to me!
    I tend to ignore them when I do pick up on them. They don't matter.
    I pick them up, but I don't react.
    Who cares?
    What's a social cue?

    In your spare time, you like to...

    Doodle. It helps to relax me.
    Train. Never know when the next crisis will come around.
    Watch birds.
    Invent things. They always turn out to be useful.
    Spend time with my love.

    Your opinion of yourself is...

    I think I'm an excellent leader, and if people don't take me seriously, it's their fault!
    I'm hot stuff. Everyone else knows it, too.
    I am elite. That is all that needs to be said.
    No one can do anything without me!
    Me and my gal are packing heat!

    Do you think you have a personality problem?

    It hadn't occured to me, no...
    HA! Don't make me laugh! Oh wait, you already did.
    I'm a bit too silent for my own good...
    No way, Jose! Now get over here, I've got something I know you'll need eventually.
    Even if I do, I don't care, because I'm happy!

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