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    Okay, what's your favorite color? (Don't kill me, okay?)

    Cool colors.
    Warm colors.
    Bright ones!
    Purple...just purple. Nothing else.
    Earth-y tones.

    The last time someone called you names, what did they call you (or what's closest to it)?

    Miss Prissy...
    No one dares to dis me, I'll just beat them up.

    What's your definition of a miracle?

    True love... *sighs*
    Happiness for me and those around me. ^^
    I dunno.
    Something really awesome! :D
    Miracle? I don't need one.

    What's your favorite food?

    Coffee and cheesecake.
    Nuts and desserts.
    Shortcake and grapes.
    Whatever's cookin'!
    Waffles and pizza.

    You just won the lottery. What do you do with the money?

    Give it to charity.
    What?! Only a MILLION?! I want more!
    Get a makeover! :)
    Put it towards my college funds, or something that matters...
    BUY BUY BUY!!!

    What's your idea of a perfect afternoon?

    Hanging out with my pals.
    Just doing what I love.
    Everyday is perfect for me!
    Reading quietly, or making stuffed animals.
    Raking in cash... @[email protected]

    Your friend is being attacked by an alien! What do you do?

    Save them, of course!
    Make sure I'm safe first, then go save him/her.
    Pwn the enemy. *pwns* Then let my friend take them self home.
    Freak out a bit, then get the courage to rescue them.

    Finally, which word appeals to you most?


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