Momiji Fangirl OC Challenge

The winners are announced! Thanks so much everybody for your entries. They were all wonderful! It was really hard choosing the winners. I would like to congratulate all of you on your wonderful wallpapers, and I hope to see you again soon in my next challenge!

Now I know you're thinking: "Oh, another boring OC Challenge. Boring!" But that's not it. This time, you get to express your OC!

Yes, this is a wallpaper challenge on purpose. What I want you to do is:
1. Draw your OC
2. Put a background that expresses your OC's character
3. Add whatever else you want
4. Add words that express your OC's character

Easy! But please follow these rules:
1. It must be YOUR OC!
2. Follow the steps above.
3. Work has to be yours!
4. No more than three entries per person.
5. Must be appropriate! (PG-13 or less)
6. You can have more than one picture, as long as it's of the same character.
7. Please dedicate your work to me.

Winners will get:
1st Place: 2 gifts and a request
2nd place: 1 gift and a request
3rd place: 1 gift

Have fun!! You have two months.

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