HelloKatty Dedicated To Friendship!

My 5th Challenge! weeeee! man these things are addicting to make! must be because i enjoy seeing the entries people come up with!

Now about this challenge! As the title says this challenge is dedicated to friendship. Since I've been here on TheO i've noticed that TheO is like a family. Everyone is kind to each other, Everyone is friendly. I've also noticed that a big part of why I even get on is so i can talk to my friends. I've grown strong bonds with my friends here and we're like family. Thing is though i'm close friends with only 4 people on this site. Those 4 people are the people I talk to everyday and have developed a close bond with. They are the people I am proud to call my Best Friends. We even plan on meeting face to face one day and to have "anime night" together. *laughs a little*

So what I want you all to do Is make a wall dedicated to your friendship with whoever your close friends with.
I just recently made a wallpaper dedicated to my friendship with my buds xNotUnderstood and Corrupted by Sin. Its dedicated to our friendship basically! Here it is. This wallpaper is what inspired me to make this challenge! The wallpaper can be used as an example of what i'm looking for but If my too-the-point statement was confusing i'll put what i want from you guys in more depth.

What I want is for you guys to make a wall dedicated to your friendship with whatever friends you have! be it 1 close friend, 2 close friends, 3 close friends etc. but thats not all. here is the fun part:

In The Wall There Must Be An Anime/Video Game Character That Represents You And Anime/Video Game Characters that Represent Your Friends! You Must Also Put Your Name And The Names Of Your Friends Above Or Next To The Anime/Video Game Character That Represents You And Your Friends.

Also The Anime/Video Game Characters Must Be From The Same Series! Say You Like Tales of Vesperia and you have 2 close friends and you think your like Estelle, your 1st close friend is like Rita Mordio, and your 2nd close friend is like Judith then you would make a wall with Estelle, Rita, and Judith in it! You would also have to Put your name above or next to Estelle, your 1st friend's name above or next to Rita and your 2nd close friend's name above or next to Judith. Easy right? that's not so bad.

It can be characters from any series you like, from Vocaloids to Tales of Symphonia It doesn't matter just as long as It has special meaning and the characters actually represent you and your friends, you actually need to share traits with said character and your friends must share traits with the character they represent! Again pretty easy.

Now for the Rules. Gotta love em.


  • Follow TheOtaku's Guidlines
  • No stealing
  • Friends must be members on TheO. If you know them in RL and they are members here then awesome!
  • In The Wall You MUST put your name above the character that represents you, same with the character that represents your friend(s)
  • Can be your real names or if you want to respect privacy it can be nicknames or your usernames
  • Must actually share personality traits with the character
  • Must have a special message in the wall, for example: Best Friends Forever, Long Lost Sisters, Best Buddies, Long Lost Twins Conjoined At The Ankles etc. what ever message comes to mind. doesn't have to be as simple as "Best Friends Forever". It can even be an inside joke, as long as it has some meaning to it.
  • Please put effort, don't just resize the image to wallpaper size and put your signature on it. BE CREATIVE!
  • Must add your signature to the wall. you don't want your creation to be stolen.
  • In the Description please list the reasons you and your friends are like your chosen character. List the traits you share with the chara etc. you must tell me why.
  • Not really something i require but if possible give the wall to your friends and make the wall your desktop wallpapers. It will be extra special, but u don't have to do that.
  • If you only have 1 close friend dedicate the wall to your friend. If you have more just list in the description who you dedicate it too. You don't have to dedicate the wall to me, but it will be easier for me to keep track of the submissions.
  • nothing inappropriate please, like nude stuff, Sexual Themes etc.
  • give credit where credit is due
  • Follow my rules!
  • If you want you can submit more than one wall dedicated to your friendship! So Go Wild!!

Winners Will Get: A Shiny Gold Medal On Your Portfolio and a gift for your hard work and dedication! The only true reward is the smiles on your friends faces. Am I wrong?

ok Please use This wall that I made as an example if you are having trouble.

If you have any questions regarding this challenge don't hesitate to ask. :3

You have Two Months!! Plenty of time to make a wallpaper for this Challenge!

Have fun! I can't wait to see all the entries! I hope the walls you guys make have special meaning for you and your friends!

Thank You Corrupted by Sin, xNotUnderstood, ElementalNinja, and cloud55strife for being the best friends a girl could ever ask for!


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