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My second challenge! :))

"I'm almost one year here in theO and its not a regret for me. I learned a lot of things and I've met a lot of amazing artists and I even found friends. I've treated everyone here like a family!"

I've just noticed that there are only a few wallpapers that is actually focusing on "theOtaku" despite this site's been around since 1998! So I want you guys to make a wallpaper of theOtaku! Use the word theOtaku and you can also include the slogan Anime and Manga Portal as if you're actually designing the site's logo & typeset. I'm not really sure if Bossman Adam allows the use of the site logo so this challenge is to make your own typeset of theO!

Designs can vary from clean to detailed ones so there is a variety as long as it tackles theOtaku.

This is more on typography/logo so better plan your walls well! :D
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This is one wallpaper I made: theOtaku-dot-com

Here are more examples for your references:
300 | The Otaku | Vibrant | theOtaku | Cheap promo

Here are logos and typography samples to give you more idea:
#iWebDesignLayouts: Logos
#WebdesignLovers: Logo design
#RevolutionWebdesign: Logos and Logotypes
#Typographers-Society: Logos
#typola: gallery
#MyCreativeDesign: Typography
#TypographyClub: gallery
#TypographyLove: gallery
#typoholics: gallery


  • Must be 1920 x 1200 so all resolutions can use it
  • Answer my question: "Why do you love theOtaku?" in the description
  • Putting images are optional (I'll be judging the typeset itself! although it depends on the presentation...)
  • Be Creative and No Stealing!
  • Credit all sources if you used any
  • Must be in category
  • Unlimited entries in 3 months (the challenge will end after our classes!)
  • Since this is about theO, I suggest you guys dedicate the wall to Bossman Adam and show him how much you appreciate this site!
  • leave a comment here and a link to your wall so I'll be notified of any submitted entries
  • Have fun

Winners will get shinny medals of course!

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