EDIT [06.12.2011]: Alright, challenge is over! Winners have been announced =D Can all winners sent me a PM with their requests, please?


Woot, welcome to my first challenge ever! I have a tons of idea, but I'm kicking off my first challenge with this theme cause I like it best XP


| | Challenge | |

> > Keywords < <

Here's the idea: I will write down words on pieces of papers (which will all be the same size to be fair) and put those pieces into a hat or something. Everyone who joins in the challenge will be given a word at random. Your goal, as a contestant, will make a wallpaper that represents the word you received. Sounds easy enough, right?

A few of the words are concrete (real objects that can be seen & touched), while most of them are abstract (things like thoughts & feelings). ...So be creative >]

If you want to join in the challenge, then you must leave a comment telling me so! If you do not, then you will not get a word.


| | Rules | |

> > General < <

+ All wallpapers must follow theO guidelines.
+ Please keep the content at a PG-13 level.
:: Yaoi & yuri are acceptable, but not hentai & ecchi.
+ There is a limit of 3 submissions per person.
:: Only 1 of your entry can win.

> > Wallpaper < <

+ Words are not necessary.
+ Provide credits to the original owner for all images you use.

> > Words < <

+ Everyone receives up to 3 word.
:: Only 1 of your words can win.
+ You can only exchange your word once.
:: If you do not like your new word, then you may stick with your old one.
+ You can only exchange your word with me, not with other contestants.


| | List of Contestants & Words | |

Click here >3


| | Deadline | |

You have until Friday, June 3 to complete your picture.


| | Prizes | |

1st place: 1 colored picture (legs & up shot w/ simple background), 1 colored picture (waist & up w/ simple background), medal, & 3 gifts
2nd place: 1 colored picture (waist & up w/ no background), 1 lineart picture (bust shot), medal, & 2 gifts
3rd place: 1 lineart picture (bust shot), 1 sketch (head shot), medal, & 1 gift


| | Questions | |

Got any questions? Ask me!


Wow, that was a lot to write down @___@ I hope this challenge goes well and that many people join in >__< I will update with more information if needed.

Join in and have fun =D

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