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Greetings good people of TheO. This is my second challenge, so I thought I'd do something a bit more unique. I'm sure many of us have wondered what would happen if Sailor Moon and her band of Sailor Scouts joined forces with the gals from Tokyo Mew Mew, but let's take that question a step further. What if both the Sailor Scouts and the Mew Mews teamed up with Sakura Kinomoto from CLAMP's Card Captor Sakura? Or, what if the Sailor Scouts teamed up with the gang from Dragon Ball Z? Or, what if the Mew Mews teamed up with the gang from InuYasha? Or, what if Sakura had to team up with Lelouch/Zero from Code Geass? Or, what if all of the characters that I've mentioned had to team up into one big group to fight some colossal evil? As those of you reading might have guessed, this is a crossover challenge, but not just any kind. For decades, American comic books have depicted many superhero organizations, like the Justice League and the Avengers. For this challenge, I want you to do the same thing, but with anime characters. My challenge to you is to create a wallpaper depicting a team of you favorite anime heroes (or antiheroes).


  • Must have characters from more than one anime/manga series.
  • Since this is a superhero inspired challenge, all of the characters used must have at least one of the following attributes; supernatural or superhuman abilities, genius level intellect, expert fighting ability, or some kind of item that give the hero in question special powers, like alien battle armor or a mystical relic of some sort. The hero in question could also be a supernatural creature like a vampire.
  • Come up with a creative name for your team to put on the wallpaper. Be as original as possible.
  • Tell me what characters are being used and which series each character is from.
  • Please tell me where you got your images and what program you used to make the wallpaper.
  • Sign your work.
  • Limit is one submission only.

Other than that, you're only limited by the standard rules here at TheO, your own imagination, and what you can do with a computer. Remember that you do not have to restrict yourselves to the characters that I mentioned above. Just use your favorites. You can also mix it up a bit. For example, your team could be made up of one Sailor Scout, one Mew Mew, one character from Dragon Ball Z, and one character from InuYasha. Now I want everyone to put a lot of thought into their teams, so I'm giving all of you three months. If anyone has any questions (and I'm anticipating a lot of questions about this challenge for some reason) fell free to ask in a comment or a PM, and I'll answer you as soon as possible. So be creative and have fun.


I'm still a bit new to making challenges, so all three winners will receive a gift, just like in my last challenge.

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