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Greetings good people of TheO, it is I, Darkarax with yet another wallpaper challenge. This challenge is very, very simple. As many of you know, winter is practically upon us. In fact for some it’s probably already arrived. So to celebrate this occasion, I want all of you to make an ice/snow themed wallpaper.

There are a lot of ways you can do this. You could have it feature a character (or characters) with the ability to manipulate snow and ice in some way. If you’re a Pokemon fan, you could do a wallpaper depicting an Ice-type Pokemon, or several Ice-type Pokemon. You could also have the character(s) in question in a winter scene, like maybe they’re lost in a snowstorm, or are out on a ski trip, or they’re in a cabin on a winter night by a roaring fire, while the snow is pouring down outside. You could go even simpler than that and just do a wallpaper depicting a character (or characters) in a ice/winter themed costume, or just wearing what one would normally wear outside in the winter. Or the wallpaper could just have a snow or ice background.

Basically I’m being very flexible about this challenge. It can have any kind of feel that you want. It could be a character(s) in a beautiful winter scene, or it could be dark and depressing. You don’t have to like snow, ice, or even winter itself to enter this challenge. There are still rules though.


  • Only anime and videogame characters are allowed. However it doesn’t have to be a specific character. For example you could use some random anime girl in a ski suit or something like that.
  • The wallpaper has to do with snow, ice, or winter in some way.
  • Pleas tell me where you got your images, and what program you used to make the wallpaper.
  • You can enter as many times as you like.

Other than that, you’re only limited by your own imagination, the standard rules of TheO, and what you can do with a computer. So be creative and have fun. If anyone has any questions, please ask in a comment or PM, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. This’ll be a two-month long challenge, mostly because I get sick of winter by the time January comes around. So take your time, but don’t take too long.


  • First Prize: A gift, I’ll sign your guestbook, and a wallpaper (if you wish).
  • Second Prize: A gift and I’ll sign your guestbook.
  • Third Prize: I’ll sign your guestbook.
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