ItachiSasuke [My Life] Wallpaper Marathon II

Heyo everyone~!

I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated in my last challenge. I had a lot of amazing entries—it truly was a SUPER challenge to choose the winners, so thank you to those who helped me decide! Your input was a HUGE benefit and lifesavers!!

For anyone that doesn’t understand the concept of this challenge, please read Part I, found Here, Under "Alright, about this challenge". It's pretty much the centered stuff ;D

****NOTE: I am willing to PM people if you need a reminder a fews days (or specified) before the challenge ends, so you don't miss the cut off. If you're interested, please send a PM/comment.****


Rules (cause you gotta have 'em)

~Only ONE submission for each individual challenge. "Wallpaper Marathon I" will have one entry, then "Wallpaper Marathon II" will have another. Each part of the marathon will have a theme (this one is posted at the end of the page)

~Explain how the wallpaper relates to your life. Just a short explanation will do. :D

~Please have your signature (be proud of your works! >:D)

~You don't have to dedicate it to me.

~If you decide to par take in this challenge, you will be required to continue for the duration of the year. I guess that's pretty obvious, but just putting it out there. ;D If you missed part I, you can still enter Part II!!!!!!

~Adding based on the above that means ANYONE can join!

~Due to life (and because of life) if there is a serious situation where you cannot par take in a certain month(s), please let me know as soon as you are able to. You will not be penalized.

~It might sound like a drag, and hard work, but it's supposed to be fun and exciting. You can use this challenge to reflect and see how much you're growing with each month. So please give it a try, show that you can do a year round challenge!!!!

First place: 2 fan arts, coloured, (or 2 ecards) and one wallpaper
Second place: 1 fan art, coloured, (or 1 ecard) and one wallpaper
Third place: 1 fan art (uncoloured, or 3 icons) and one wallpaper

Everyone will receive a gift for entering~! Like the last part, there will most likely be one honorary mention, that person will receive 3 icons/1ecard.

Please note : that these prizes are only for the second month of the challenge, they change every month! [Grand prize at the end??] ;D

****For those who I have invited, you don't have to par take, but I'd love it if you did~
PLEASE leave a comment/PM me if you have any questions or concerns (I don’t bite ;D)

THEME FOR THIS CHALLENGE: (Based off the season of Christmas) IF YOU COULD BE GRANTED ONE WISH/DESIRE/PRESENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? (It can be fictional or real). E.g. amazing (music, sport) skills, special powers (read minds), ability to speak every language, world peace! The choice is yours~!

I look forward to your entries~!


1. WAR-no one is left behind... ~Angel Satina
2. snIp snAp ~smoking crimson
3. Snow Globe... ~xAsukachanx

Since there were more entries, there are 2 honourable mentions:

1. Oh Daydreamer ~Felcie
2. {Cakeness} ~Thiefspawn

This was the HARDEST challenge to judge yet. Seriously guys, are you trying to make me all feel bad? So many awesome, well made wallies. >.< I wish I could choose so many more~! All in all great job everyone and I look forward to your submission in part III~!

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WAR-no one is left behind... ~Angel Satina
snIp snAp ~smoking crimson
Snow Globe... ~xAsukachanx
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