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Hi Everyone! I just got promoted, and I'm so excited to be able to make challenges now! So here goes my first one!

RULES (VERY important!):

1. Follow theO's rules. This should be quite obvious. :P

2. I would prefer to see wallpapers that do not show underwears.

3. You may submit up to 3 submissions! Reason for why will be explained below.

4. You have only 2 months to complete the challenge!

5. Show the link to at least one of the scans you had used in the wallie!

6. You DO NOT need to dedicate the wallpaper to me. I do realize sometimes, you want to dedicate your masterpiece to a great friend of yours on here. ^^

7. To show that you've read the rules, put a random fact about yourself like "I like carrots" or even "I went to the bathroom today"! hehe :D


The topic of this challenge is REALLY simple. We all have those wallpapers where we are extremely proud of. Those where you spent a lot of work in and think it's one of the best wallpapers you had EVER made- your own MASTERPIECE. So, to have a challenge were you can submit your own masterpiece, I created this challenge!

You can use a scan of a manga, a real life picture- anything! As long as if they follow the rules above.

You can submit up to 3 submissions because we all know that sometimes, after we created one "masterpiece" of our own, suddenly we create another one that we think is even better! So, I'm letting you submit 3 times! ^^ (It also increases your chance of winning!)


I understand the feeling you get when you've spent a LONG time combining many images, to try and make them look great together. Therefore, I will be judging based on the following:

- how many scans were used (Do realize though that although more may increase your chances of winning, make sure the scans match! if your original scan is too pretty to alter it, then don't!)

- how much thought you've placed into choosing the words to go with the wallpaper (if there are words)

- how many likes/favorites your wallpaper had received

- the amount of comments on your wallpaper

- how much work was put into the wallpaper

- the amount of wallpapers you had previously made (like, if two people both made wallpapers that are equally amazing, the one who was a beginner would receive a better prize than the one who had already made hundreds of wallpapers before)

Now, onto the...PRIZES!
1st place: 2 wallpapers/2 e-cards, and an iphone wallie
2nd place: 1 wallpaper/1 e-card, and an iphone wallie
3rd place: 1 wallpaper
Honorable Mention: 2 icons
*For 1st and 2nd place, if you do not like the prizes above, you may request anything (that is in my abilities). I don't give out any money related things though, lawl. I'm just a student~~

Leave a comment/PM me if you have any questions!

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