The Death and The Strawberry

Okay! So my first challenge had been completed. Now, for the second one, I dare you to challenge me. Can't understand what I mean?

LOL, this might be a crazy one! xD But for you to fully understand, the concept of this challenge is very simple. Just create a unisex wallpaper featuring Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki. Don't think this is another one of those 'pairings' contests. I would like to see how you create a wallpaper very unique other than your previous works. Of course, your wallpaper should stand out from the others' works, too. So why did I say it should be unisex?

Your wallpaper must be compatible for a girl/boy. Let's say you make a background full of strawberries and pink stuff, then that only suited for girls, right? Or most favorited by girls. How can a boy love a wallpaper when it's very girly and only for girls? When you say unisex, it can be for both the girl/boy, and your wallpaper must be with a theme of unisex.


1. The work must be yours. Do not copy, and most of all, do not CHEAT! Remember creativity and originality has the highest points!
2. Unlike my previous challenge, I allowed mixing and matching images. But now, it's not allowed! Use one image for Ichigo and one for Rukia. I just noticed that others make it look cluttery. Not-so-good to see! And it lessens the quality of the images.
3. Give your best to this challenge 'cause I'll only choose the best ONE. That's why I dare you to challenge me, 'cause if every entry is awesome, then it'll be hard for me to choose the best!! xD

One last thing! I give bonus points if I don't see Ichigo and Rukia in a shinigami form/school uniform. That'll give me thrills, and it will challenge you more to look for images with them in a casual look. Haha!

Hope my challenge doesn't confuse you, but if you have questions don't hesitate to ask me! Just PM me or leave a comment. Answers are free.

(>^_^)> Have fun and good luck to all contestants! <(^_^<)

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