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Welcome one and all to my new challenge! ^_^

Villain: A cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime.

I know Im not alone in the world when I say that I frequently find villains to be so much more interesting than the heroes. Maybe its because heroes are limited in doing good things like fighting for justice and never killing anyone, whereas the villains can go absolutely crazy with power and its perfectly acceptable - because theyre the villain afterall. Plus they usually have a much cooler back story of how they became so evil in the first place! >.<

So this is the challenge: I want you all to create a wallie for me that features your favourite anime villain. Whether they are the reincarnation of the pure evil, trying to destroy the world, mentally insane, or are just at war against the good guys for their own personal reasons - pick whatever works for you. Use your own judgement of who you consider to be a villain, I find it more interesting that way.
Side note - More than one villain on a wallie is cool so long as you keep to one series (no crossovers) you can use the whole evil organisation or just the leader, either will work :)

Rules - to keep the admins happy:
1. You MUST provide links on everything you used to make your masterpiece. Give credit where credit is due yo.
2. Limit of 2 entries for a challenge that spans 2 months.
3. Follow the rules of TheO I don't want any trouble here.
4. Just because I'm curious as to how many people actually read all these instructions I want you to add 'Villain' as a tag on your wallie and dedicate it to me!
5. Keep it PG13 guys, I know the blood thirsty baddies are the best but this is an all ages site so tone down any gore.
6. Most importantly - have fun guys :)

*Brownie Points* - Tell me why you picked that character and what makes them the villain of the series.
*Extra Brownie Points* - Using villains with super dark and depressing back stories!

Prizes - Ding ding ding yay!!!
lst place - I will make you a purdie wallie just for you of whatever your heart desires.
2nd place - I'll send out gifts! Yay everyone likes gifts!
3rd place - I'll sign your Guestbook and call you awesome names.
Everyone else gets a flashy medal because TheO is super swish like that :D

If there are any questions PM me and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can, I'm quite the workaholic so I can only make it to TheO once a day.



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