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I live!....So I haven't been around in ages, so long in fact it took me a good while to remember how to start a challenge. I've had a hard time with a lot of things but did some of that self searching and understanding stuff (has a hard time talking about feelings XD) and in the process remembered all the amazing things I loved doing but for some stupid reason stopped! Just being on this site was one of them so this is my attempt of coming back swinging!

Now for the challenge!

The rules are simple:Pick any anime or manga or book or show or movie(animated or other i.e. Ghibli or Disney) or character or anything you like really. Pick your own theme. Your own quote (if you want one/dont have to have one). The only requirement is that you have to use pastel colors.
Now I know that's a bit limiting but hey it's a challenge! It's supposed to be...challenging XD

-Unlimited submissions
-Original ideas/credits given where deserved i.e.:List where you got your pictures
-*SUPER IMPORTANT* Dedicate the wallpaper to someone. You don't have to dedicate it to me...unless you really want to ;)I would like you to dedicate it to a friend. If you'd like to dedicate it to a friend who is not on theO that's cool too just write in the description who it's for
~Also to my wonderful friends who I havent spoken to on this website in ages this challenge is for you and I have invited several of you(who make wallpapers and I still hope are around) to join it because I truly love your work and look forward to anything you make.
-Have lots of fun!

~For an idea of pastels here are a few example of possible colors/color schemes you can or might like to use but again are not limited to: http://colorpalettes.net/category/pastel-color/

~And of course a few wallpapers I've found that fit the description:




If anybody has any questions please feel free to message me or leave them in the comments section...We have one of those right...wow it's been a long time *facepalm*

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