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As we already just entered March (meaning Women's Day month), I am hosting another challenge that is all about the female characters. This time, the theme of the challenge is female characters in anime with at least one common trope. I'm talking tropes in terms of recurring character description traits. So we're talking character types (ex: military soldier, android, furrygirl, martial artist, sport athlete, superheroine), hair type (ex: pig tails), hair color (ex: purple hair), eye color (ex: black eyes), type of trademark/iconic fashionable appearance (ex: bikini-clad wear, sailor fuku, powered armor), and so on.


  • Show at least 5 female characters in the wallpaper you make. You can do as much wallpapers as you like, but All characters in each work you do must be female characters who appeared in anime.
  • no stealing other people's wallpaper creations.
  • each wallpaper submission must have all featured anime girls sharing at least one trope with the description of the shared trope (or tropes) to be provided in the description box that goes with your work.
  • Provide in the description box for each wallpaper entry you do, links to whatever websites you visited in order to get the stock images you used for making your wallpaper. If it uses images taken from DVD or Blu-ray, detail the program you used to take the screenshots of the selected images from the anime dvds/blu-rays.

As for prizes, 1st place gets 3 e-card surprises dedicated to him/her, 2nd place gets 2, and 3rd place gets 1.

You have three months to take part in this wallpaper challenge, and feel free to visit TVTropes as it lists lots of tropes you can research on. So good luck to all you, and have fun.

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