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Ok first, ignore the fact this challenge will end after Halloween.
Lets call it... An extra 13 or 14 days of spookiness!

Second, I have never hosted a challenge before even though I've been on this site for... Dang... 10years???
But I noticed a distinct lack of a Halloween themed wallpaper contest and it's down to the wire for that to happen... one month doesn't seem like enough, so two months!

So rules I think should come next!

1. Something scary/dark or something Halloween themed. I want to see things that are creepy! that give me chills! If you're want to do something fun it has to remind me of Halloween! (pumpkins, costumes, things of this nature)
Since this contest will go into November I shall also accept Dia de Los Muertos themed wallpapers. (Day of the Dead, think skulls and bright colors. if in doubt give it a google!)

2. You HAVE to source at least your main image. I'd like it if you post links to everything but I know with brushes that can get ify. Basically I want to see what you did to the image.

3. One entry per person please! ^-^

And have fun! halloween is my favorite holiday! And I've done definitely painted my face and celebrated Dia de Los Muertos as well!

1st: Your pick! Wanna wallpaper? Can do! Want a specific scan colored, I'll do up two manga pages! Fan art? I cannot draw but I guess I'll try! Icons? Sure! A gif? Why not! You also get one of the fancy icon gifts for you portfolio. Got some other crazy idea? We'll talk! Look how exciting this is! (or not at all! I'm not sure!)
2nd: Wallaper of your choice! And a fancy icon for your portfolio!
3rd: A fancy icon to show off on your portfolio! Soon shiny!

All participates will get a sub (if I haven't subbed already) and a nice note on their wallpaper! (comments on wallpapers may be slow in coming depending on my schedule but WILL happen before judging)

If I think of anything else I'll update, feel free to ask questions and I shall do my best to answer them!

Thanks to everyone who entered!
Winners will get PMs about prizes soon!

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Queen of Blood ~Darkarax
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