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So since there's only one challenge in wallpapers right now (and there were none for a while), I decided to go ahead with my idea for another to try and help revive things around here a little. Plus I just have fun seeing all of the creative work that comes from the challenges too. (I'm missing that sorely at this point..)

The challenge is pretty simple: Do a wallpaper for a series that you never thought you'd get into at first but now love. I'm sure we've all had this happen to us. My most recent was with Attack on Titan. Seriously, I put off watching it for a very long time because I didn't think I'd like it, then gave it a shot and have been binge watching now. I had the same thing happen with Tokyo Ghoul and a few others.

So anyway, I hope this has everyone's interest in at least trying it out. A few ground rules:

1. You can use any series you want, but please make it from an anime or manga.
2. Please be sure to follow the rules of the O.
3. Only two entries please.
4. You have two months to submit to the challenge.


1st place: 2 wallpapers of your choice
2nd place: 1 wallpaper of your choice
3rd place: 1 Iphone wallpaper (I'll post it in my world)

Thank you for checking out my challenge and good luck!

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