tigerlilly54 The Three Kings

My second challenge!^^ For this challenge you must either do a group shot wallpaper or submit three different wallpapers. If you have any trouble doing these then please pm me and I'll sort it out.

Group shot info

For the group shot you must have three people in the wallpaper from all differentanimes and they must be either a king, king like, like a king in chess, or have a god complex. EXAMPLE: Lelouch De Britainia, Kira\Light Yagami, and Ceil Fantonhive

You can use the characters in my example but only look under the spoiler if you really need an example to get started. No points will be taken off by using my example because what characters you chose won't affect if you win or not as long as they fit the criteria. They wallpaper must contain or be based on the quote "If the king doesn't lead, the pieces won't follow." Please explain how it is meant for the characters EXAMPLE: for Light Yagami: It is meant to be said to him as advice because he expected to be god but didn't lead the pieces into battle and sat in the sidelines. For someone like Ceil Fantomhive it is for him to be saying because that's what he believes in. Just a short explanation, only a sentence long per character.

Three wallies info

Pretty much the same as above but you place each 'king' in a different wallpaper and submit all three.


  • I will look through your wallpapers and give the a point for every of the following I see in it:
  • A Christmas theme for the background\King(s) in Santa or reindeer suit(point for each king in suit)
  • Three kings(point for each king)
  • Quote worked into wallie(if you represented the quote or put it in the wallie)
  • Explanation for what quote or what represents it
  • Creativity(you get a point for this if I think the background is original or if you have a king that no one used)
  • How well you worked the quote into the wallpaper(it can give at the lowest one point and the highest 3, most will probably be rated a 2 or 3)
  • If and how well the king qualities I listed in the group wallie info sec. fit your kings (1-4 again)

    The ones with the most points get first, second, and third places(a different person for each)


1st place-
A wallie, and a gift
2nd place- A link to their gallery in the intro of my worlds or a gift
3rd place- A gift

Everyone who submits an entry gets a pm thanking them for submitting a wallpaper and how many points their wallie had

If you have any questions please ask~! This will end in one month (AKA December the 14th)

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Christmas Kings ~izsah
Three Kings ~BabyD
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