Rainbow Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh's 10th Anniversary

I've been wanting to create this challenge for awhile,in honor of Yu-Gi-Oh's 10th anniversary. They're going to have a movie where Yusei,Yugi,and Jaden/Judai fight together against the evil Paradox,whoever that bad guy is. I think the title of the movie is Gekijouban Yu-Gi-Oh! ~Cho-Yugo! Jiku o Koeta Kizuna~ (Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultra Fusion!Bonds Across Space and Time) I've heard it's going to be big. It will be must see for all Yu-Gi-Oh fans. I know I wanna see it,well anyway,let's get to the challenge rules and guidelines and such.
In this challenge I would like you to make a wallpaper to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh. Now for the rules.
1.You can use any images from any of the 3 Yu-Gi-Ohs. Just be sure to credit where you got them and don't use Google or whatever search engine you've used as a reference. Write down the URL but if you got it from say Photobucket or Flikr,you can go ahead and say you got it from there or wherever.
2.It can be either a group image or a single character,for example if you wanted to make a wallpaper with just Kaiba or whoever,that would be ok too.
3.NO PLAGIARIZING! I absolutely hate it when people just stretch images they found from say google or Deviant Art and try to pass them off as a wallpaper. Also don't submit an offical Yu-Gi-Oh wallpaper and try to pass it off as your own. YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!!!!! All I'm saying is I'd like to see some creativity. I wanna see what you guys come up with.
4.Your signature must be somewhere on the wallpaper. I wanna be able to tell who made what wallpaper
5.Be creative and have fun
1st Place gets 2 wallpaper requests
2nd Place gets 1 wallpaper request and a gift
3rd Place gets 1 wallpaper request
Anyone is welcome to enter,if you wanna join just comment below. You have 1 month to get your wallpaper in. I will be judging wallpapers based on creativity and how well you used the images.

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Three Hearts Become One ~RSRKingdomStars
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