Auraelys Accent With Color

The rules of this challenge are actually pretty simple. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep the explanation simple too ^_^

For this challenge, you're going to create a wallpaper that's mostly in black and white. You'll only be using color to accent the wallpaper. It's kind of like just using a little bit of color for artistic flair. You can approach this in two ways. You can either have only one item in color, like inthis picture, or, as a different alternative, you could have just part of the picture in color, like in this picture. As you can see in both pictures, they're mostly in black and white. The little bit of color that is used is used as more of an artistic flair. (Well, not so much in the picture of the flower, but it's all I could find.)

I'll be judging these wallpapers on the following standards:
--whether instructions were followed (black and white wallpaper with color accents)
--clarity of image
--choice of item left in color (Or, basically, if it works well with the picture.)
--and, as usual, bonus points will be awarded if a widescreen option is provided. (I like using these wallpapers as backgrounds, you know. ^^)

Entries will be disqualified if you break theO's rules of, y'know, no plagiarism. Just throwing that out there as a reminder. Credit your images/brushes/etc. You know the drill ^_-

You are not limited to any one anime or video game. Pick whatever you're a fan of and go with it :) The challenge here is in using the color, not in what you pick.

I guess since everyone else is kind enough to do prizes, I'll try that too. First place winner gets a wallpaper and an e-card, 2nd and 3rd place get a wallpaper. And, of course, the shiny medal that theO provides for you <3

You have two months! If you have any questions, just post and I'll try to get back to you asap. :) Good luck!


Challenge Finished!

First of all, I want to thank you all for the beautiful 38 entries that I received for this contest. <3 I'm glad you all took the time to enter!

I also want to say that you all shouldn't have made them so beautiful! :P This is the hardest contest I've ever had to judge because I've never seen so many beautiful wallpapers all together in the same place!

I am sorry that it took me nearly a week and half to judge this. :S I just wanted to make sure that I gave feedback on all papers and actually spent time judging them instead of just randomly picking things I liked for the day. >_<

It was very, very hard to choose the to make things easier on myself, I tried narrowing it down to a top 10.

I also tried commenting on all your wallpapers--and even if you didn't win, that doesn't mean your paper isn't awesome. (Because believe me...if there were more than three winner spots, I'd be picking more.)

So, of the top ten, the three winners are listed in the normal winning section. The remaining seven here are the runners-up. They are not listed in any particular order. :)

Runners Up
"Care To Join Us On Our Picnic?" by cloud55strife
"Moon" by NedzumiNya
"Viva la Vida" by xixisuoh
"Ichigo-Hollow" by itachi070
"Flower in Shadows" by aurora witch
"Let's Stay Together Always" by xRabidFangirlx
"Bound Forever" by NatsukiChan

Thank you again for all of you who entered <3 <3 <3


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Black Rock Shooter ~BabyD
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