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I was really inspired the I hate you challenge where different artists would make a wallpaper about a character they hated the most. Well this is based on that. I know there are just some characters you wish that would just disappear and just go away. I know there are characters in anime I hate. You think they are just the most annoying/pointless characters ever. You don't like the way they speak or the way they act. There could be various reasons why you don't like a certain character or characters. The objective of this challenge is simple, I would like you all to create a wallpaper of a character that you just hate or you just think they are really annoying. Here is a wallpaper sample I created for this challenge. http://www.theotaku.com/wallpapers/view/200361/i_hate_these_characters%21
The rules are simple. Create a wallpaper of a character you think is annoying and be creative with it. For example you could put screenshots of their most annoying moments in the background and the character and then a render of them in the foreground. First of all there will be no plagerizing. I can't stand it when someone takes credit for someone else's hard work. Second of all be creative with your wallpapers. The challenge will end in a month. The prizes are as follows. 1st place gets 2 wallpaper requests + a gift,2nd gets one wallpaper request of his/her choice and a gift,3rd place gets a wallpaper request. Remember to have fun and I can't see what you all come up with.

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